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Creating Browser Themes

One avenue that I’ve enjoyed exploring in relationship to photography is turning the art into a more interactive approach.

This started for me about 10 years ago with being able to customize your web browser to have a more personal touch.

Initially my first few themes were based off some tiled patterns that I had created to be for use by other designers on a website called Colourlovers. I created them in Photoshop and converted them into vector graphics so that they were scale-able.

After creating about 12 of these, I took it a few steps further in Photoshop to colour them and added some overlays, and resized them to the specifications of Firefox at the time.

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons : Themes


Wild that my attention to detail still holds up even today!

Google Chrome Add-ons : Themes

Speaking of today, while pursuing photography then a design route, I’ve revisited this avenue once again to continue to support other browsers as well.


I’ll continue to create more in time once I find a piece of my work that I think would do well for a theme!

Create Your Own!

If you’re interested in creating your own themes, here are a few resources that I would recommend :

Themebeta.com – A WYSIWYG Editor where you can change the colours in a live view setting.

Chrome Developers Theme Documentation

Mozilla Docs : Create Your Own Firefox Background Theme

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